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Five Common Dental Problems In Kids

Every parent knows that their kids will eventually start losing their teeth throughout their elementary school years. What they might know, or expect, are some of the most common dental problems children can face.

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For first-time parents and their kids, facing an unexpected dental problem can be incredibly stressful. That’s why our dental care experts want to provide you with five of the most common pediatric dental issues and potential solutions to alleviate them.

  1. Tooth Sensitivities – As your child grows, loses their baby teeth, and changes their routine, they can face an uncomfortable change like tooth sensitivity. They might wince in pain or refuse to consume food or beverages that are too hot or cold. Because this is one of the most common dental problems for a child, a dentist will be able to determine if an underlying issue is causing the sensitivity. If there isn’t a clear dental issue, then dietary changes and specialized toothpaste might be recommended.
  2. Cavities & Decay – Too many sugary foods and drinks can cause our teeth to erode over time. While cavities and tooth decay can happen at any age, children are even more vulnerable to these issues because they’re still adapting to a thorough dental hygiene routine. It’s important for parents to monitor their children’s sugar intake and teach them to brush and floss their teeth regularly.
  3. Gum Disease – Poor oral hygiene can lead to sensitive teeth and gums. While children are still trying to adapt to a daily brushing routine, they also need to adapt to flossing. Maintaining a consistent flossing routine is the key to keeping your gums healthy and strong.
  4. Overbites, Underbites & Spacial Issues – Misaligned teeth can affect a child’s speech patterns as well as how they consume foods and beverages. Sometimes, the position that their adult teeth grow into can be quite painful. Establishing an orthodontic treatment to fix these issues should be done as soon as possible.
  5. Open Bite Due To Excessive Thumb Sucking – While this habit is a common habit among young children, it should be addressed when they become toddlers due to a condition known as an Open Bite. This is when a gap forms between the two front teeth and the bottom row of teeth because of the pressure created by thumb sucking as teeth grow in.

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From the most complex to the most common dental problems, our practice will ensure your child has a customized plan to maintain a healthy smile. To schedule their next cleaning or exam, contact our office in Round Lake Beach.

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