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Pregnancy & Dental Health | Dentist in Lindenhurst

Pregnancy & Dental Health

Pregnancy affects many different parts and systems of your body in many different ways, with your oral health being one of them. There is a huge connection between our teeth and mouths with the rest of our body. A lot of things change during pregnancy and you will most likely be dealing with and discovering new symptoms.

Following are different oral health issues you may be discovering during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

Your hormones are dramatically and constantly changing during pregnancy. Surprisingly, hormone changes can affect your mouth as well, and this makes you more susceptible to getting gingivitis. An increase in the hormone levels of progesterone leads to an increased response to plaque bacteria, which can then lead to gingivitis.

In fact, according to the CDC, about 60-75% of pregnant women deal with pregnancy gingivitis. However, it can be managed with good oral hygiene and regular trips to your dentist.

Eroded Teeth

No one likes morning sickness, however in early pregnancy, it’s not uncommon. Vomit is extremely acidic, so it can weaken the enamel on your teeth when coming in contact with them. Weakened tooth enamel is then more prone to cavities and decay. 

You can combat the increased acid by rinsing your mouth with baking soda and water right after being sick, then brushing your teeth about an hour later. 

More Prone to Cavities

Acid erosion puts you at an increased risk of cavities and tooth decay, but it can also be caused due to a lack of calcium. Your baby needs plenty of calcium to be able to grow and build strong bones. If you’re not consuming enough of it, then your body will take it from other parts of your body, such as your teeth.

Calcium deficiency can lead to brittle teeth, decay, weakened roots, or other oral health issues. You can combat calcium deficiency by eating plenty of calcium-rich foods. 

Pregnancy Tumors

Pregnancy tumors are not cancerous, but rather are lumps that form between the teeth on the gums. They are typically red and bleed easily, and they’re caused from having too much plaque. This is a common issue for pregnant women, and goes away after giving birth. However in some cases, they may need to be removed by your dentist if they cause additional issues. 

The best way to combat them is to brush and floss each day and visit your dentist twice a year for cleanings and appropriate dental procedures. 

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If you’re wondering “Can I go to the dentist if I’m pregnant?” the answer is yes – and it’s highly recommended! There are a slew of oral health issues you may encounter during pregnancy, and it’s important to address them with your dentist. Because there is such a strong connection between your oral health and overall health, skipping out on the dentist during those 9 months could be detrimental to your oral health.

The team at Reilly & Siegel is committed to your oral health and has helped patients just like you achieve a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles. To schedule your appointment today, give our friendly team a call!

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